It’s well known that alt country singer/songwriter Ryan Adams is a (not so) secret metal head, having performed an acoustic cover of Iron Maiden’s “Wasted Years,” putting out a hardcore album and apparently even getting his popstar girlfriend Mandy Moore hooked on Voivod. And he obviously knows that his love for metal is turning a few heads, hence the most random video we’ve seen in a long time: “Night Sweats.”

The black metal talk show parody features Adams and model Stella Berkofsy (with a corpse painted face and mumbled demon voice) explaining the videos in his YouTube playlist. The over five minute long video itself would give any Adult Swim program a run for its money in bizarreness. But we have to admit that we’re impressed by Adams’ video picks, including music videos from Emperor, Satyricon, Darkthrone, Danzig, Burzum, and others. We also love that he included Napalm Death’s appearance on a BBC kids show in 1989, along with a few hysterical random clips.

Watch Ryan Adams’ “Night Sweats” for yourself above, and then check out which videos he included in his playlist.