Canadian bewitching psychedelic-doom outfit Witchrot are set to celebrate the release of their latest offering, Witchrot: Live in the Hammer, out now! Live in the Hammer pays homage to the grime of the past, paved over by the glitz of the present. Recorded at Boxcar Sound in Hamilton and mastered by Tony Reed at Heavy Head Recording, this album serves as a bridge between Hollow and the band’s forthcoming, in-the-works record. Today (10th) the group has teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere a video for the song “Million Shattered Swords.”


The band comments:

“It’s funny how this song turned out, it was nearly an instrumental. There were some lyrics that I was going through in the studio and Lea sort of just did her thing with it. Of course we were all ‘wow okay, let’s add all this and that’ so it turned into this power ballad that knocks you into existence. Lyrically the song is about realizing that you’ve deviated from your morals and who you’re meant to be, but instead of going back to who you were, you shed your skin to grow into something better than you were originally. The session was a great opportunity. Having Laura on board brought this track over the top. The violin trickles through the song like a spider at parts but then stomps through like a mammoth when the tidal wave of doom hits.”


Watch the clip below: