Video Premiere: Indestructible Noise Command – “Identifier”

Posted by on April 2, 2019

Last month, Indestructible Noise Command released their first album in five years with Terrible Things. We recently spoke to the group about their follow-up to 2014’s Black Hearse Serenade as they expressed it’s their best yet. Speaking of best, today (2nd) we are excited to premiere the group’s animated music video for “Identifier.” The highly entertaining clip was animated by Vlad Naboka. While the song is about the 2016 elections, the band decided to step away from politics on this video as the visuals were inspired by the movie Bird Box. Guitarist Erik Barath explained how the band wanted to make the animation fun and playful, and we happen to agree.

Read Barath’s explanation below:

“The song ‘Identifier’ is actually a bit political. Based on the insanity and total meltdown by a large segment of the population after the 2016 elections and I was thinking about making a video based on that but then thought, people are really sick of politics. This was around the same time I saw the movie Bird Box with Sandra Bullock on Netflix and I thought, what a stupid fucking movie. I can’t even take a piss in the middle of the night without bumping into 5 or 6 things along the way in the dark. So I figured lets make a video based on the movie, but the thing that no one can look is Dennis, our vocalist. It’s fun and playful like the song so it all worked out in the end.

As for the making of the video, I hooked up with a 22 year old Ukrainian from Kiev named Vlad Naboka. He really wanted to make the video and hand drew the art himself, did it all by himself. Vlad doesn’t have a studio he works for, just a cool dude who has a passion. Did a pretty great job I think!”

Check out the video below and order the album here:

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