Tomorrow (8th) Indestructible Noise Command’s new album Terrible Things will be released (pre-order here). We’ve already premiered two songs from this record including “Fist Go Rek” and “Declaration,” as it has already shown their heavy direction. We caught up with guitarist Erik Barath to speak more on the LP, their ultimate return as a band, and more.

What made you guys decide to return after a two decade hiatus?

We had for years played with the idea of coming back but I never thought that they were very serious talks. I never wanted to come back half-assed or to just do a couple of shows, I wanted to come back and write a story like no other. In 2009 a finally wrote a couple of songs, “God Loves Violence” and “Full Metal Jacket” and that was the spark that ignited a full blown comeback.

While the new album, Terrible Things, holds true to the raw thrash style, musically how have you progressed since your return?

Indestructible Noise Command has always drawn outside the lines of thrash. We’ve incorporated punk, hard-core, classic metal, classical music, a little prog, etc. We even had a balled on the last album so we will continue to be unexpected and unpredictable. This record really showcases Dennis’ vocals and Dave’s bass in my opinion. I think my lead playing is pretty epic too, but I’d be a dick for mentioning that so pretend I didn’t.

How was the process writing this album compared to Black Hearse Serenade?

Black Hearse was a themed album, a story. And as a story has ebbs and flows, so did the music to create the proper backdrop for the lyrics. This time around, I had a wild hair growing in my ass and was in a ‘peddle to the metal’ mood throughout. That’s why it’s such an aggressive record.

When did you start working on the album?

Started writing in Jan of 2018, completed writing in May although I kept writing for the next record. Once I get on a roll, it’s hard to stop.

Can you share some of the lyrical themes?

The lyrics touch on themes and topics that interest me. “Fist Go Rek” is about a massive bar brawl. “Identifier” is about the total lunacy following the 2016 elections. “Declaration” is about the brotherhood of thrash that I.N.C. is, how we remained best friends through the decades and how this band keeps us so close. Each song has a different topic but most of them are told with a sense of humor. Too many people take things too seriously these days. We blow steam off with a laugh on a lot of these tracks

Is there anything else you would like to add or say about the album?

This record, in the band’s opinion, is our best yet. We’re very proud after all these years we can still churn and burn out killer tracks. We are self-made, self funded and appreciate the support from all the fans we’ve gathered through the years.

So everyone out there BUY 10 COPIES! I promised my daughter a giraffe for her birthday. MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE!