Video: More Kvelertak Studio Goodness

Posted by on September 18, 2012


Usually, watching a band track their album in the studio is about as fun as watching paint dry, except you don’t have the benefit of a newly-painted room when it’s done. However, when the studio in question is Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou’s Godcity studios and the band in question is Kvelertak, things are different. The last time we checked in with the band, they were tracking drums. In this segment, the band move on to guitars and bass. And as frustrating as it is to just hear snippets of recording, you can notice songs starting to take shape. And looking at Ballou’s wall of vintage amps and heads is pretty much a guitarist’s wet dream. Presumably, the band’s sophomore album will be wrapped up by October 12, when they head out on the road with Converge and Torche.

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