Video: Mayhem Bassist Undergoes Exorcism On Norwegian TV

Posted by on November 3, 2011


Back in August, Mayhem bassist Jørn Stubberud (aka Necrobutcher) had an exorcism performed on him by American radio and television evangelist Bob Larson for Norway’s NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) television channel. The thirty minute special aired on Norway TV Tuesday night (November 1) and has already popped up online.

The first part of the special follows Larson around and shows him “at work,” which is then followed by a piece on the black metal bassist. Necrobutcher’s exorcism itself doesn’t actually start until around the 22 minute mark. While the narrative is in Norwegian, the dialogue between Stubberud and Larson is in English.

It’s the ultimate battle between Norwegian black metal and Jesus-loving evangelism. Will Larson be able to drive the demon out of Necrobutcher’s soul?! [Spoiler alert: nope] Watch for yourself in the video above.

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