Video: In space, The Devil Wears Prada can hear you scream

Posted by on November 12, 2015


The Devil Wears Prada released their latest EP Space a few months ago and, as you may have figured by the titled, the concept of it surrounds everything related to space and what space-concept album would not include the subject of aliens. We already heard the song “Alien” in the past but the band was not going to pass on the opportunity to do a music video with some extraterrestrial form in it.

Predictably, there’s a bunch of saucers, shaky cameras and an alien chasing some poor girl in dark narrow spaces, but what’s neat is the slight resemblance to H.R. Giger/Ridley Scott’s Alien. Of course, they can’t use the actual Alien for the video but it’s impossible to ignore the likeness of it.

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