Upon a Burning Body debut single amidst ‘disappearance’ stunt

Posted by on July 3, 2014


Well, as many (including us) suspected, the ‘disappearance’ of Upon A Burning Body vocalist Danny Leal was a publicity stunt to get people talking about the band’s new single “Red Razor Wrists,” which the band released a video for shortly after Sumerian head Ash Avildsen condemned their actions. The band still haven’t given an official explanation as to the supposed disappearance of Leal, which they announced via their Facebook page. However, eight hours after the initial post, they updated the page with a handwritten note containing lyrics for the song, which they posted a stream of just afterwards. In what looks like it might be the album cover, a person resembling Leal is bound in a chair.

On the one hand, we’re sure Upon A Burning Body never expected their Facebook and Twitter posts to get blown up as much as it has. That’s the band’s fault, but it’s also the media’s fault. Reporting on something as a near-fact without researching is something many sites were and are guilty of. For the most part, stories have to be written quick and turned around. While we didn’t do a ton of research for our story yesterday, it was easy enough to deduce that the San Antonio press would report on it before the band released anything on their social media. But ultimately, at the end of the day, the band wins. If they just released the video at midnight and sent a press release out, people would have likely covered it. But instead, the story got tons of coverage, and enough people hated it and are pissed off at the band that they’re guaranteed even more coverage, and even if it’s negative, people will mention Upon A Burning Body.

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