Today in holiday covers: August Burns Red takes on Wham!’s “Last Christmas”

Posted by on December 1, 2017

It’s December, and holiday cheer is inescapable, so you might as well embrace it. Two-time Grammy nominees August Burns Red already released a holiday album a few years back, but the Christian rockers aren’t about to give up on Christmas just yet. The band have released a cover of the Wham! hit “Last Christmas.” Their instrumental take on the track is hell of a lot more shreddy than the original, and if it wasn’t listed as such, it might take a while to figure out that this was even a cover of the original. Here’s what the band’s Dustin Davidson says of the cover:

“This year I sat down with the intention of writing something upbeat, melodic, and shredtastic. When I decided to cover ‘Last Christmas‘ I kept in mind that most people only know the chorus of the song. I didn’t want to recreate something word for word, or note by note, so I took the main hook and built a bunch of original ideas around it. The lyrics to Wham!‘s ‘Last Christmas‘ are very sad, so if you’re feeling lonely this holiday season, I hope this cover finds you well.”

It’s certainly more upbeat than the original, that’s for sure!

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