The Story So Far vocalist fights with security at Warped Tour

Posted by on July 7, 2014


We don’t know who The Story So Far is (well, a cursory Wikipedia search says they’re a Cali pop-punk band). They are, however, one of the many bands on this year’s Vans Warped Tour, and an incident that took place this past Saturday (5) put them in the spotlight. During the  band’s set in Montreal, singer Parker Cannon noticed a crowd-surfing fan being roughed up by security and immediately jumped offstage to confront the security guard. You can clearly see the fan being choked and shoved down by the overzealous security guard. We’re not saying that Cannon jumping off and punching the security guard was necessary, and the same guard punched him in the jaw as well. However, it’s commendable that he stuck up for the fan, and there’s irrefutable proof that the security was out of line.

When asked about it via Twitter, in two separate tweets, tour founder Kevin Lyman stated “I have a video that we will send to the local security company, it will be felt [sic] with,” and “Understand at each show the local venue has over 100 local security, we do our best to work with them, sometimes there is a bad egg.” It’s good to see that Lyman sided with both the band and the crowd, and a thuggish security guard may be out of a job.


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