The Saddest Video Ever Of The Week – The Big Fall Tour

Posted by on June 28, 2010

EMBED-Chick Faceplants At Worst Band Ever – Watch more free videos
We’re not sure what’s sadder about this video, which was brought to our attention via comedian Christian Finnegan: the fact that the lone attendee at this cover band’s show is rocking out so hard, that she’s rocking out to a cover band in the first place, or the epic faceplant she does. Oh wait, definitely the epic faceplant…

Good thing she didn’t “hit the lights.” And I’m not saying she might be a little overweight, but it looks like she really could have done some “damage (inc!).” Also, who knew Vince Neil was in a Metallica tribute band? And was this girl also at the Big Four screening in Batavia, IL? It would account for both the hole in the screen and the cops being called.


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