The 69 Eyes premiere “The Last House on the Left” video

Posted by on October 31, 2019

The 69 Eyes are in the Halloween spirit as these Helsinki Vampires premiered a video for the song “The Last House on the Left.” The track features Wednesday 13, Calico Cooper, and Dani Filth, and it is taken from their latest effort West End. The clip was directed by Vicente Cordero.

Jyrki 69 commented on the video:

“HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM THE 69 EYES! Here’s our treat for you: the ultimate new horror-punk anthem ‘The Last House On The Left’ with the ultimate monster mash team-up: Wednesday 13, Calico Cooper & Dani Filth with THE 69 EYES! Wes Craven forever & Halloween 24-7-365, punks!” 


We recently spoke to Jyrki 69 and he had the following to say about the song: 

“I’ve known Wednesday 13 you since the days of Murderdolls, and over the last couple of decades, we’ve been touring in Europe and the U.S. I don’t even remember how many times. So we were doing a lot of tours with him, and he’s been a friend for at least 20 years, even more. And then I hadn’t seen him for a long time, strangely. And then I was, well, L.A., once again. I was at the Whisky A Go-go. I have had my little solo band adventure with the L.A. based rockers, and I played shows on the West coast, and the final appearance was at the Whisky A Go-go. And it was such a great surprise to have Wednesday 13 showing up.I haven’t seen him in ten years, so I just straight up thought that hey, let’s do something finally after all of these years. And you know when you meet a fellow musician, the first easiest thing is to think of doing a tour. Then at some point, you think, let’s make a musical collaboration. So this time, I already had the song, “The Last House on The Left.” But I wanted him to write the lyrics and finish the story along with the movie. And then he was excited about the idea as well. If you know anything about the film, and I don’t reveal this, this is not a spoiler, no spoiler alert, but in the movie, the certain female gets her revenge. So we needed a female voice for the song as well.

Calico Cooper was the obvious choice. She’s part of The 69 Eyes family as well. And so Wednesday wrote the storyline, and Calico Cooper got her revenge in the end. And yeah, it’s just a fun song. It’s a tribute to the late Craven. I have been a fan of his movies ever since. The second single, The 69 Eyes ever released, had a song called “The Hills Have Eyes.” It’s a long tradition for The 69 Eyes, have not only a movie titled songs but also have a film titled songs by Wes Craven. So it just one of those things. And then we added Dani Filth screaming on backup vocals as well. I hope that people will enjoy it on Halloween 2019.”

Watch the clip below:


The Last House on the Left is based on Wes Craven’s 1972 horror  film The Last House on the Left and you can stream the movie on Amazon Prime.


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