By the late 80’s, Lita Ford was being managed by Sharon Osbourne. And a major part to The Runaways guitarist’s resurgence in popularity was due to her duet with Sharon’s husband Ozzy, “Close My Eyes Forever.” Almost 25 years after that song was recorded, Ford performed the hit for PsychoBabbleTV.com with Ozzy – well, an Ozzy impersonator that is.

Ok, so it’s not actually Lita Ford and Ozzy reuniting to perform “Close My Eyes Forever.” However, chances are that this will be the closest we’ll get to seeing the two perform together. And even though Ford has to give the impersonator cues to come in, she’d probably have to give the real Ozzy the same direction. Plus, Lita earns major props for showing that she has a sense of humor.

You can watch Lita and “Ozzy” performing “Close My Eyes Forever” in the video above. In case you want to hear the real Ozzy singing with Lita, the original song’s music video can be seen after the jump.