Testament’s Alex Skolnick unveils new song “Trump Sucks”

Posted by on September 29, 2020


Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick has released a new song, “Trump Sucks.” Sknolnick has put his guitar to the side for this song to showcase his rapping skills.


Skolnick comments:

“This song just poured out of me yesterday. It was completed in a matter of hours. To all the Trump2020 and Maga folks who’ve been flooding my timelines ever since my post the other day about the election, I’d like to say thank you, sincerely. You’ve inspired me to do something a bit different (for me, anyway): Rapping

Enjoy!  PS I know some will hate this, try to say I’m a “celebrity,” shouldn’t talk about politics (except when you agree with it). Nope. No time for debates here. If you hate it, please ignore, wait for another post you like better or unfollow, no harm no foul..       Cheers   And oh yeah.. #trumpsucks   #bidenharris2020



Listen to the song below:


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