Ten Second Songs Iron Maiden-izes Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion”

Posted by on October 20, 2016


Perhaps Josh Homme’s inclusion on Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illuision” wasn’t enough metal for you on the song. Ok, you’re not alone. If Gaga didn’t let everyone know that the Queens of the Stone Age guitarist played on her hit, we wouldn’t have known. And as poppy a song as it is, it deserves a metal makeover. That’s where Anthony Vincent, aka Ten Second Songs, comes in. Usually, as his title suggests, the YouTuber will cover a song in the style of 20 or so artists, as we’ve written about before. This time, he sticks to one style, that of Iron Maiden. With some help from fellow YouTuber E Rock on guitar, he turns the 3:30 song into a 6:26 shredfest. It sounds more power metally than just Iron Maiden, until after the solo, when Vincent busts out a suitable Dickinson impression. Either way, it’s more epic than Gaga’s  version, and given that she’s a Maiden fan, this all might just a ruse by Vincent to get her to listen to him.

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