Ten pop songs get a Metallica makeover

Posted by on November 20, 2017

Anthony Vincent of 10 Second Songs is back. This time around, he teamed up with YouTuber Eric “EROCK” Calderone to perform pop songs reimagined as Metallica tunes. We’ve heard nearly every one of his remixes including Adele’s “Hello,”  Vincent making Justin Bieber sound not-that-terrible and System of a Down getting a Ghost makeover. His latest video includes the likes of Abba’s “Dancing Queen,” Outkast’s “Hey Ya,” Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time,” and more reinvented with a classic Metallica style.

Vincent commented:

“When I thought of the idea to do 10 Songs in the style of Metallica, I immediately asked my buddy Eric Calderone to join me, because that was the only chance in making this sound as if Metallica really performed these songs.

Eric is a master of his craft, not only in performance but matching guitar tones. Insane. But yeah, this was therapeutic for me.

Metallica was my favourite band from when I was 10, and at one point in my childhood I hated anything that wasn’t Metallica. I saw them perform in NYC at MSG with the Symphony Orchestra when I was 12, in November of 1999, and my life was changed forever.. I didn’t realize how much of a privilege it was to behold that until much later in life. Anyway, I’m rambling. This was a lot of fun, hope you enjoy it.”

Check out the video below:

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