Strong Like Bull’s Top 5 classic music videos from the 80s

Posted by on September 17, 2019

05) Slaughter “Shout It Out”

I should’ve answered before Nevin because that Metallica box set, Binge and Purge, is something my buddies and I watched a hundred times. Any song on there is worthy, lol. I’m
gonna kinda cheat a bit though and say that one of my favorite videos I feel has an 80’s vibe but came out in ‘91 is Slaughter’s “Shout it Out.” A video for Bill Ted’s Bogus Journey. I was 10 and that movie was my life with that video at the front. Gives me the nostalgia feels. – Jake Bauer


Check out Strong Like Bull’s video for “Live While You Can” below and order the single here:

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