Stone Sour are not afraid of The Dark, Metal Church

Posted by on February 9, 2015


A treat for horror movie and metal fans alike, Stone Sour has just premiered the video for their cover of the title track of Metal Church’s 1986 album, “The Dark” on Loudwire. In addition to this song being recorded for Stone Sour’s upcoming album of cover songs, it was also hand-picked for the film Fear Clinic, a thriller set to release this week.

Stone Sour’s frontman Corey Taylor is actually portrays a key character in Fear Clinic, and according to guitarist Josh Rand, had a bit of say into the musical choices for the film. “[The Dark] was chosen for the movie Fear Clinic by director Rob Hall and Corey as they felt that the lyrics fit well with the story,” Rand explains, going on to tell how the cover was recorded by the band in half a day at Room 237 in California last March.

This video gives a pretty good insight into what the Fear Clinic is like, cutting shots of Stone Sour’s performance together with the film’s various scenes featuring re-emerging phobias plaguing traumatized mental patients. “Fear Clinic” is set to release via Anchor Bay Entertainment on Blu-Ray/DVD and On Demand this Tuesday, February 10th, and can be ordered on Amazon.

Stone Sour’s rendition of “The Dark” should be available for purchase on iTunes tomorrow.

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