As you probably know by now, Ticketmaster has settled a class action lawsuit, meaning that if you’ve used them in the past 17 years, you’ve got some free tickets coming to you. At first, it was frustrating, because regardless of how many tickets you had coming to you (and a lot of you have many), it wasn’t clear as to what shows you’d be entitled to use them for. Then on Tuesday, the company released the list, stating that of the 408 initially-announced shows, you’d have until 2020 to redeem. And while some of the shows are great, many others are, well, not as great. Last night on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the host hilariously weighed in on the settlement. Calling it a “who’s who of not The Who,” he stated:

“Some of the concerts they’re offering in New York City include a Black Sabbath cover band, a Rolling Stones cover band, and a Guns N’ Roses cover band,” he said. “What gives Ticketmaster? If I wanted to see a lame Guns N’ Roses cover band, I’ll go see Guns N’ Roses.” He made a Fat Axl joke too, which the singer will probably not be happy about. He also poked fun at Smashmouth, because why the hell not? Check it out below.

[via Consequence of Sound]