Last March, Stephen Colbert somehow discovered the band Flaw’s gofundme page to help pay for a new touring vehicle. Colbert ended up using this as a sketch for an episode in The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Since then, the group as well as their fans have wanted the band to appear on the show. A few months later, Flaw got much more than they asked for.

Last Friday (27th), the group were featured in The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and this time, you see Stephen Colbert giving the band a touring van that also included a cat, robot vacuum cleaner and an old lady. Additionally, Colbert was featured in the group’s new music video, “Conquer This Climb.”

Flaw has launched a PledgeMusic campaign to help finance the release of their new album Vol IV. Similar to their last campaign, depending on how much you donate, the group are willing to perform a private acoustic set and BBQ in your own backyard.