Remember When: Steel Panther offered guidance on ‘Dancing With The Stars’? Michael Starr does! [Exclusive]

Posted by on September 16, 2016

steel-panther-dancing-with-the-starsThe last place you’d expect hard rock (let alone metal) to show up is during a reality competition show where C-List celebrities attempt ballroom dancing. Yet not only have many of those said celebrities danced to songs by the likes of Disturbed and Marilyn Manson, but even KISS has graced the ABC show’s stage for a musical number. However, that doesn’t make Steel Panther’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars any less random or weird.

During season 14’s “Rock Week” back in 2012, Cuban American actor/competitor William Levy was going to dance to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” but wasn’t familiar with any 80’s hair metal (let alone Twisted Sister). That’s when his professional dancing partner Cheryl Burke brought in Satchel and Michael Starr from Steel Panther to give him a few tips on channeling his inner-rock star. “When I saw them walking in, I was like ‘Who are these two ugly women?’,” Levy said, setting the tone for a segment filled with bad wigs, tons of rock star poses, and a slightly toned down version of Steel Panther’s humor for a network TV audience (though Satchel was still able to throw in a compliment to Levy’s thighs). As a result, Levy and Burke perform a pyro-filled… jive dance to the Twisted Sister anthem. Ok, not exactly a very metal moment, but Satchel and Starr’s advice must’ve paid off, since the actor made it all the way to the season finals (coming in third place).

Steel Panther are in the middle of a European tour in support of Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage. However, just in time for the first week of season 23 (you may have heard about something odd happening to one of the contestants during the season’s first episode), Starr took the time to briefly chat with us about him and Satchel’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars. Check out video of the appearance along with what he had to reveal about the filming process (and his reasoning for why he should be a contestant next season) below.


How did your appearance on Dancing With The Stars come about? Who approached who to make it happen?

The director of the show has been a fan of Steel Panther for years, and finally had an episode that was perfect for us.


What was filming your segment on the show like? Any fond memories or funny moments from behind the scenes?

It was a super fun experience. We shot for two days. First we filmed us helping out and teaching the contestant [William Levy] how to rock for his upcoming performance. He was funny and all the chicks on the stage were hot and ready to go. A friend of mine was also on the show. His name is Gavin Degraw. Him and I enjoyed just hanging out looking at all the hot girls dancers.


If you could appear on one reality competition series as a competitor, which show would it be?

I would like to be on Dancing with the Stars. I think I could bring a new element of older dudes with long hair rocking some sweet sexy moves.


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