Soulfly Play New Song “Bloodshed” Live

Posted by on July 17, 2013


We already know from the studio trailer that went up last week that Soulfly is in the studio working on new material. Now we have footage of them playing one of the new songs live earlier this month in Biarritz, France. The new track, of which a snippet can be heard in the studio trailer, is entitled “Bloodshed”. It sounds pretty cool, with spooky, dissonant leads weaving over a heavy, plodding verse that picks up for a faster, more thrashy verse. The video also features frontman Max Cavalera and his 20 year old son and new Soulfly drummer Zyon Cavalera  joined by stepson Richie Cavalera on backing vocals. While he might be young, Zyon holds it together like a pro in the fan-filmed concert footage. Max also revealed onstage that the Terry Date produced album is titled Savages and is expected to be released in October via the bands new label Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Check out the new song for yourself in the video above.

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