German thrash metal legends Sodom have dropped a lyric video for their single, “1982 (Remix).” The track is taken from their upcoming EP, 1982, out November 10th via Steamhammer / SPV. The song pays homage to the band’s formative years, taking fans back 41 years to the roots of Sodom. The EP features the remix of “1982” and re-recordings of early classics like “Witching Metal,” “Victims Of The Death,” “Let’s Fight In The Darkness Of Hell,” and “Equinox,” available on vinyl and some on CD for the first time.


Tom Angelripper comments on the track:

“These days, we’d probably compose those songs differently and arrange them in a more contemporary style. But we see this EP as a little journey back in time to recapture the atmosphere of the early eighties. For us, it’s about remembering those wild years. Back then, people hated bands like Motörhead or Venom. But we didn’t give a shit about their opinion, we wanted to shock and outrage.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the EP here