So Taproot Have A New Song Out

Posted by on April 1, 2010


Taproot was a band that had a few hits on Atlantic Records in the first half of last decade. While they started out lumped into the nu-metal category, the Michigan four-piece were ultimately a solid hard rock band. At the end of last year, they surprised the industry by a) still existing and b) signing to Victory Records.

“Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)” shows the time away from the spotlight wasn’t a bad thing. They still have a signature sound, at least vocally, and the song, which will ultimately live and die at active rock radio, fits in with both the band’s evolution and Victory’s attempts to be more than just a hardcore label. It’s just heavy enough that Taproot fans from back in the day might remember them, but palatable enough that a whole new generation of radio listeners (is there a new generation of radio listeners?) will realize this is better than Nickelback and Three Days Grace and whatever else gets played in between commercials on terrestrial rock radio.

Taproot’s new album, Plead The Fifth, will be out on May 11 on Victory Records.


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