Part of me feels guilty for getting such pleasure from laughing at the Insane Clown Posse and their fan base, the Juggalos. But let’s face it, they don’t exactly make it easy for us to take them seriously. So parodies, such as the ones Saturday Night Live has been doing this past season, will always put a smile on my face at the suspense of ICP.

Back in December, Saturday Night Live had a commercial parody poking fun at ICP’s Gathering of the White Trash Juggalo festival. Well this past weekend, SNL brought back DJ Supersoak and Lil Blaster for another skit, this time to debut a new music video from the Thrilla Killa Klowns (guess who they’re suppose to mock). Just like the first time, the skit includes too many lines to quote and will make you burst out in laughter. So if you love making fun of the ICP and the Juggalos, then check out SNL’s newest jab at them and be prepared to ask yourself the important questions in life, like how are pants different from shirts (okay so I had to say at least one quote from the video).