Slayer tell fan to keep his car

Posted by on October 30, 2014


On Monday, a video spoofing the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ad found a guy offering to sell his 1997 Ford Escort so he could afford Slayer tickets. The video went viral, or at least was popular enough to come to the attention of Slayer, who responded in a video of their own. “Slayer tells fan don’t sell your car” finds Tom Araya watching the video and saying “your car’s a piece of shit! Tell you what, we’ll give you the tickets.”

A caption then says “Awesome video, dude… and don’t sell the car. You’ll need it to get to the Forum. Two tickets, two VIP passes in your name on Slayer’s guest list. Look for an email… we’ll see you there.”

Granted, this whole thing seems pretty choreographed, in that Merit/Andrew, who put the video up in the first place, is an advertising agency, and Jake from the video is Jake Klarkowski, a production coordinator there. Whether it’s real or staged, it’s still a great story, and funny as well. It’s also great to see that over 30 years into their career, that Slayer can get into the viral video game. If you’re wondering what the reasoning is behind it all, well, Slayer do have a tour coming up.

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