Russian Circles are back with “Vorel”

Posted by on May 23, 2016


It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a new album from post-metal instrumental trio Russian Circles, and just last week, they announced that Guidance would be the title of their sixth album and it would be coming out on August 5th. Short of a brief trailer, we didn’t know what it would sound like, even though it could be assumed that it would have the band’s trademarks – moody, heavy and hypnotic. Today via Rolling Stone, the band has released “Vorel,” the fist volley of sound from the album and the second track on the album. Bassist Brian COok spoke about the song, saying:

“All our songs fluctuate between trying to wrangle some sort of order out of ugliness and rendering some sort of beauty out of existential despair, and we usually wind up touching upon both approaches within any given song,” says bassist Brian Cook. “I suppose ‘Vorel’ leans a little heavier towards the former.”

Guitarist Mike Sullivan added his thoughts:

“‘Vorel’ has a sense of melody and underlying dissonance that we gravitate towards in our songwriting. It’s a great insight to the dynamics found on Guidance and really shows the strengths of the recording process with [Converge guitarist] Kurt Ballou; this was our first time working with him and it was an impactful experience.”

Guidance will be released on Sargent House on August 4. It can be preordered here, and you can find the band’s tour dates here.




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