Rotting Christ’s music appears in trailer for PS4 game “Mortal Shell”

Posted by on August 6, 2020


Rotting Christ have been recognized in the gaming world. Last month, these Greek metal masters were featured on a poster in the game, The Last of Us Part 2. Most recently, their music is being heard for a new PS4 game, Mortal Shell. A trailer was released for the game, which features the group’s song “XΞ Σ (666).” 


Rotting Christ mastermind Sakis Tolis comments:

“Dear friends, we are proud to announce our collaboration with the PS4 video game creators of ‘Mortal Shell!’ Our track ‘ΧΞΣ (666)’ is being used in the official game trailer. In the mean time, we are working hard on new songs for the new upcoming Rotting Christ album and we are preparing our live appearance at the European Metal Festival Alliance this weekend. Stay tuned and look forward to meeting you in the real world soon. NON SERVIAM!” 


Watch the trailer below and check out the game at this location:


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