Rotting Christ’s new album The Heretics is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (15th) via Season of Mist. To celebrate the record’s arrival, the group are streaming their full-length effort on YouTube ahead of its release date. Additionally, if you log on now, frontman Sakis Tolis is available to live chat on the premiere stream happening now at this location.

Listen to the album below and pre-order here.


1) In The Name of God (04:14)

2) Vetry Zlye (Ветры злые) (03:13)

3) Heaven and Hell and Fire (04:52)

4) Hallowed Be Thy Name (05:06)

5) Dies Irae (03:46)

6) I Believe (ΠΙΣΤΕΥΩ) (03:42)

7) Fire God And Fear (04:50)

8) The Voice of the Universe (05:23)

9) The New Messiah (03:07)

10) The Raven (05:23)

Total: 43:36