Robert Trujillo joins son onstage with Korn

Posted by on May 1, 2017

Nepotism. It happens all the time at work and in politics, and even in music, but Tye Trujillo wouldn’t have been asked to play with Korn in South America if he didn’t have chops. Just because the 12 year-old’s dad is the bassist of Metallica wouldn’t have meant that much if he couldn’t handle Fieldy’s bass work. However, on Saturday (29), the elder Trujillo joined Korn and his son onstage in Lima, Peru. Apparently, he’d been proudly watching his son sidestage for the whole tour, but the band gave him a chance to shine. Hopefully Fieldy is doing well, but the band postponed the majority of their US shows this month on Friday, claiming “unforeseen circumstances.” 

[via theprp]

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