Rob Scallon and friend confuse restaurant-goers with cello System of a Down cover

Posted by on May 9, 2017

Rob Scallon has done it again. This time, it’s a rather elaborate skit involving a restaurant that’s BYOB. Of course, since he has a cello with him, as well as singer Effi Guillen, the two take it upon themsevles to cover System of a Down’s “BYOB” at a Chicago restaurant Geja’s Cafe. Maybe they can hit a Chinese place afterwards and do “Chop Suey?” Or maybe not. Either way, Scallon’s musical performances are coming closer and closer to being actual skits, and maybe a variety show isn’t far behind. The video has racked up over 230,000 views since it was posted yesterday, meaning both Scallon and System of a Down are earning fractions of pennies!

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