Rivers of Nihil debut “Clean” from album The Work

Posted by on July 28, 2021

Photo credit: Mike Truehart


American tech metal band, Rivers of Nihil will drop their latest album entitled The Work on September 24th. To celebrate the album announcement, the group has debuted the first single, “Clean.” Consisting of Jake Dieffenbach, Brody Uttley, Adam Biggs, Jon Topore, and Jared Klein, Rivers of Nihil hails from Reading, Pennsylvania.

The album is the result of tons of hard work. As bassist Adam Biggs explains it:

“What does life all really boil down to in the end? You can be lovey-dovey about the good times, and savor the sweetness that life sometimes provides, but beneath everything is work, struggle, someone is always getting a raw deal, someone’s always sweating it out in the mines somewhere so you can enjoy your diamonds.

This has always proved true in everything I’ve ever done in life. Most people reading this know me as a member of a successful band, but beneath it is constant work. Physical, emotional, spiritual work. All the time. Every day.

And I know that it’s like this across the board for just about anyone in at least some capacity, so I figured this subject would be relatable to a lot of people.”

Biggs adds:

“We always just sort of do this thing and it grows. I guess that could change at some point. But thinking about things that way doesn’t seem to get me anywhere either. Better to focus on the work in front of us, as it turns out. If we’ve learned anything for certain in the last year or so, it’s that the future can be murky, we’re not really owed anything, and it can all be taken away any second. But for now, we press on.”


Watch “Clean” below.



Track List:

01) The Tower (Theme from “The Work”)
02) Dreaming Black Clockwork
03) Wait
04) Focus
05) Clean
06) The Void from Which No Sound Escapes
07) MORE?
08) Tower 2
09) Episode
10) Maybe One Day
11) Terrestria IV: Work




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