After a 14 year hiatus from America, you played two weekends in a row in front of 40,000 people each night. Then followed that up with two nearly sold-out shows in front of 3,000 people each night. What’s next? If you’re Swedish band Refused, you play a secret show in front of 150 people. According to those that watched the show come together, the band didn’t even know about the show, and decided spur of the moment to do a short set at Brooklyn’s Acheron after their sold-out show at  New York’s Terminal 5.

Word of the show spread virally among those at T5, and there was a line down the block at Acheron. Playing a five song set that started with them soundchecking with Earth Crisis’ “Firestorm,” the show was much closer in nature to the smaller shows they played back in the mid-’90s when they’d toured America for the first time, even if the price ($10 for 5 songs) might not have been. And while the more cynical might be viewing the band’s reunion as a cash grab for those that didn’t get to see them the first time as their influence has grown, there’s no way this DIY show was anything more than passion on the band’s part.