Red Fang do a bang bang for ‘The Meadows’ video

Posted by on August 11, 2014


Familiar with a “bang bang?” As popularized in an episode of Louis CK’s Louie, it’s when you have a whole meal at one place, then immediately go to another place and have another one. Y’know, bang bang. Red Fang must have seen that episode, as their latest video, as directed by David Brodsky, finds the four-piece band getting all dolled up to eat a steak dinner (with a raw bar appetizer) and following it up with pizza. Like a whole pie each. This will either make you hungry or never want to eat again. The video, which was published by Scion AV, is for “The Meadows,” which is on their most recent EP. If you haven’t ‘picked up the EP yet, you should, since it’s available for free download now.

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