Rammstein unveils shocking “Deutschland” music video

Posted by on March 28, 2019

It’s been nearly a decade since we’ve heard anything new from Rammstein. However, just yesterday (27th) the group shared a teaser video as well as revealing something will be revealed today (28th). 2019 finds the German industrial metallers continuing to push buttons, stirring controversy even with the teaser for new song “Deutschland.” The track is taken from their follow-up to 2009’s Liebe ist für alle da, and so far things are moving in a direction that we’d expect: edgy, profound, and heavy. According to the band’s website, their untitled new album will be released on May 17th.

The video is a lot to take in. It’s really a mini-movie that starts out looking inspired by Game of Thrones, as a group of medieval-looking soldiers wait in the woods to attack a structure with a red laser coming from it. The clip then comes to resemble a Quentin Tarantino film, which has long been a visual inspiration. As the clip noted, the band are dressed in uniforms and stars that resemble Holocaust prisoners. And there are Swastikas in a separate part of the video. However, the band are also shown shooting Nazis in the clip, and the credits of the film lists “World War 1” and “World War 2” soldiers. It appears, on first view that the video takes place over a number of time periods, and is essentially a song about both loving and hating their homeland. 

Musically, it’s peak Rammstein, with the first words of the song even being “Du Hast.” That’s not the only reference to the past, as the angel wings that frontman Till Lindemann wears when performing “Engel” appear in the video as well. There’s a lot to parse here, and we might add more as we listen to this more. Read the lyrics via Reddit

Check out the clip below


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