Rammstein Paris to get theatrical release

Posted by on January 20, 2017

Just the other day (18) Rammstein unveiled a trailer for their documentary Rammstein Paris. While we were aware that the film would have a limited theatrical release, it is now confirmed as screening in 350 selected theaters across the globe. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film was picked up by Picturehouse Entertainment and will hit theaters on March 23.

Rammstein is known to put on one of the best live shows ever imaginable, and this film will capture the attraction these unparalleled German metallers deliver to the stage. Grammy-winning Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund admitted how challenging concert films are for the big screen, as he made the following comments:

“I compare it to shooting fireworks. The way I approach it is to try to translate the energy that you get in the room onto film, using every trick in the book to make as much of an impression as I can on the audience.”

“I take the footage and cut it with the same precision that I would a 3-4 minute music video. Even with a big crew of editors, it took us over a year to nail down the edit.”

According to Rammstein Paris’ page, the film will only be screened in six theaters across the United States.

The theaters are as follows:

IFC Center – New York, NY

Southside Works Cinema – Pittsburgh, PA

Cedar Lee Theatre – Cleveland, OH

Music Box Theatre – Chicago, IL

The Downtown Independent – Los Angeles, CA

Roxie – San Francisco, CA

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