Pierce The Veil hail Texas in new song

Posted by on March 24, 2016

piercetheveilIt’s been a few years since San Diego’s Pierce the Veil released an album, four to be exact. Today the band announced their fourth album, Misadventures, via a video for the track “Texas is Forever.” The album will be released May 13th, but if you preorder the album, starting tonight, you’ll get an instant download of the new song. As for “Texas is Forever,” it’s a fast one – in fact, the fastest one they’ve ever done, according to bassist Jaime Preciado:

“‘Texas is Forever’ is a fast song, the fastest song we’ve ever done, It goes back to our roots and is going to be a fun song to play live.”

Vocalist Vic Fuentes gives some more insight about the song:

“It’s purely a self-indulgent song for us because it’s really fast and that’s what we grew up listening to. Lyrically, it closes the book on a relationship that I’ve been singing about over the last three albums.”

Check it out, then head to the band’s website tonight at midnight (EST) to pre-order the album.



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