Black Veil Brides have a ‘Heart of Fire’

Posted by on September 8, 2014


While Black Veil Brides fall more on the rock side than metal, they’re one of the most successful rock bands out there that many metal fans might only know from when smack is getting talked about them. The band have a self-titled album, their fourth. coming out on October 28th, and they’ve enlisted Bob Rock to produce it. Rock has worked on some of the most successful albums ever, including Metallica’s Black Album, Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood, and Bon Jovi’s Keep the Faith. The song that leads off the album, “Hearts of Fire,” is a fast and aggressive song that sounds like vintage hair metal. It’s pretty catchy, and will probably get the band played on active rock radio, which is probably their end goal. It’s been compared (negatively) to Nickelback by Metal Sucks, and a “solid rock song” that “almost sounds like a power metal song” by Metal Injection. You make the call. To us, it’s a good rock song that you’ll dig if you grew up listening to some of the hair metal Rock worked on, and will be a breath of fresh air on increasingly-stagnant active rock radio.


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