Ozzy Osbourne is back to his “miserable” self

Posted by on March 14, 2019

Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack and wife Sharon were recently interviewed by Access. The discussion began with Jack explaining his multiple sclerosis treatment as he stated his children nor adults understand the disease. Later in the conversation, the two were asked how the prince of darkness is feeling.

Jack replied:

“Well, if this gauges where he’s at, he’s complaining a lot and he’s back to his normal routine. So everything’s A-okay there.”

Sharon expressed:

“That’s always a good sign, when he complains and he’s miserable. Then you know it’s good.”

Jack added:

“It’s when he’s happy and skipping around. You’re, like, ‘There’s something really wrong here. Call the doctor.'”

Ozzy was forced to cancel the remainder of his European tour as well as his Australian, New Zealand, and Japan dates due to flu complications that developed to pneumonia. With this positive update, we can only hope to hear from Ozzy himself in due time.

Watch the interview below:


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