Oddest Video Ever Of The Week: Hanson Cover Slipknot

Posted by on April 5, 2011

Oh Hanson. Those lovable moppets that came out with “MMMBop” 15 years ago are all grown up now. In fact, they’re grown up enough to have pulled off a pretty great April Fool’s Day joke. Via Shockhound, the band announced that they would be recording an album of Slipknot covers. In fact, they went all out and even made a video of themselves rehearsing “Wait and Bleed” in a hotel room. It’s actually not completely terrible. They obviously know the song, and while it’s an acoustic version, it’s not anywhere near as awful as it has the right to be. Hell, between that and the Justin Bieber/Slipknot mashup of “Psychosocial,” the band’s definitely getting the star treament from the Tiger Beat crowd. The “demo” of the song is streaming at Shockhound.

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