Oceans of Slumber are back in a heavier and darker direction on their latest single, “Where Gods Fear to Speak.” The accompanying video, directed by Josh Vargas, captures the essence of the song’s overall thought-provoking theme. The Houston band, blending melodic death, doom, and black metal with electronic elements, continues to experiment with their ever-evolving style. Recently, signing with Season of Mist, they’re carving out a dark and cinematic sub-genre that stands out on their own.

The track combines the band’s signature doom metal with blast beats, melodic tremolo picking, and Cammie Beverly’s powerful vocals. Drummer Dobber Beverly, known for his work with Insect Warfare and Necrofier, describes their sound as “dark cinematic metal” and comments:/p>

“We’ve taken the raw and heavier direction of our last two albums and elevated it to the scale of a blockbuster IMAX movie.”

Inspired by their Texas roots and the tensions of organized religion, the single’s themes delve into Cammie’s childhood, divided by her parents’ contrasting beliefs.

Cammie states:

“Regardless of which one you believe, organized religion makes us suffer in order to please this heavenly deity”, Cammie says. “But the payoff is only an illusion. I’ve always wanted to do death growls”, Cammie says. “‘Where Gods Fear to Speak’ presented the perfect opportunity. Mixing harsh vocals in with my cleans speaks to that tug of war between pleasure and pain, though there’s a freedom that comes with pushing my voice past its perceived breaking point.”

Watch the clip below:

Oceans of Slumber will be hitting the road next month with Lacuna Coil and New Years Day. See all stops here.