NOFX fan gets revenge on Fat Mike, kind of

Posted by on November 10, 2014

Last week, an overzealous fan in Melbourne jumped onstage at a NOFX concert and embraced singer Fat Mike, who promptly knocked him down and kicked him in the head. The fan not only apologized via Twitter, but thanked him for assaulting him via Twitter, claiming he was a bit drunk. Fat Mike responded saying that if the fan came to the show, he’d give him a beer. Not only did that happen, but Fat Mike invited the fan to kick him as revenge. Of course, it wasn’t quite the same, in that Mike knew it was coming. Even worse, when he saw that the fan was wearing boots, he made him take one off and put on a slipper. The guy’s kick still landed, though, and TMZ has the footage. If this all seems like a positive outcome from someone that jumped up onstage and embraced a rock star before getting kicked in the head, we should still underscore that it’s not cool to get onstage at a show if you’re not invited by the band to.

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