Here’s another reason not to stage dive, courtesy of NOFX

Posted by on November 6, 2014


There are several reasons why you shouldn’t try to get onstage and/or stage dive at a show. One is that artists might not want to be approached, and you couldn’t blame them, given Dimebag Darrell’s death or Randy Blythe’s lawsuit due to a stage-diving fan. Another reason is that you might get kicked in the face. At least that’s what happened in Sydney, Australia to a NOFX fan that jumped on stage. Fat Mike (who’s actually no longer fat) pushed the fan down, then kicked him in the face, giving him a fat lip. Oddly enough, the fan actually thanked him for it, which led to Fat Mike apologizing for his actions, saying he “defensively reacted,” and offering to buy him a beer. Wait, that seems like everyone benefits. But seriously, don’t jump onstage and accost musicians. They mostly don’t like it that much.

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