New Video Proves Why Powerglove Should Have Their Own Video Game

Posted by on July 29, 2011


What’s not to love about video game metallers Powerglove? The group’s latest release Saturday Morning Apocalypse is a collection of instrumental metal covers of movie and cartoon theme songs. Our favorite cover, though, is of the Batman movie theme. So that’s why we’re so pleased that the new video for the song is as awesome as the cover itself.

Guitarist Chris Marchiel gave a little insight into the Mortal Kombat video game inspire video for “Batman”:

“David Brodsky and I just finished our music video for “Batman”. In typical Powerglove fashion we did things a little differently. After shooting our green screen performance footage we captured tons of “sprite” images of ourselves in the style of Mortal Kombat then processed those into full sets of 16 bit action moves. Then, instead of just animating those, I programmed several video game fight scenarios with the band as playable characters and recorded takes of me playing through the mini games. The result is a combination of green screen performance in original 16 bit environments, traditional sprite based animation and recorded gaming sequences and the end result is silly, unique and just plain fun.”

Watch the video for yourself up top. Make sure to catch Powerglove’s special “half time performance” at this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour.

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