New Devourment Video Is Beautiful…In a Bloodsoaked Tentacle Nightmare Kind of Way

Posted by on January 10, 2013


In death metal, the only thing more important than brutal and disturbing lyrics is brutal and disturbing artwork. Not that we’re usually disturbed; most of us are sick sons of bitches. On that note, Devourment’s music video for the track “Fifty Ton War Machine” attempts to up the disturbance level by taking the sick artwork from their upcoming album Concived In Sewage (due out Februray 19th) and animating it. The result is a combination of the ultraviolence of Dethklok videos and some kind of hentai tentacle nightmare. Translation: it’s NSFW. While the honor of most disturbing music video still goes to Cattle Decapitation, we still wouldn’t recommend watching thiin a place that could get you fired or disowned from the family.

[via Metal Injection]


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