Myrkur’s debut album, M, was a bit polarizing. The solo project of Amalie Brunn, it was produced by Ulver’s Kristoffer Rygg, and although it was an album that blended black metal with etheral vocals and  textures that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Dead Can Dance album. While the Danish singer and model also played in indie rock band Ex Cops, and Myurkur was initially anonymous, as she was outed, black metal purists (and garbage people, really) threatened her life. Thankfully, she persisted, putting out an EP, last year’s Mausoluem, and just announced her sophomore  full length.  Mareridt will be released this Fall on Relapse. The album was produced in Seattle and Copenhagen by Randall Dunn, who’s worked with Marissa Nadler, Earth, Sunn 0))), Boris and Wolves in the Throne Room, among others. Meanwhile, she’s got a viral video that’s gotten over 5 million views since being posted on Friday (12). The 90 second video of her playing Scandanavian folk on the nyckelharpa, which is a Swedish key harp.