Mutliation Rites will contaminate the world

Posted by on June 25, 2015

Every time someone says to me the word “underrated”, Mutilation Rites comes to mind immediately. The Brooklyn-based band decided to do something about that and get to the masses like a plague with their newest video “Contaminate” from their latest record Harbinger. Guitarist Michael Dimmitt comments about  the video:

Coming up with the concept for the music video for ‘Contaminate’ was quite simple. The subject matter of the song deals with impending doom of the apocalypse, radiation sickness, and the suffering that war brings about in general. We combined disturbing archival footage from atrocities committed in the last century with a live show we played at Saint Vitus, in Brooklyn, to create a visual aesthetic to match the bleak subject matter and overall feeling of despair that we attempted to create when we wrote this song.

The band will perform at the Stardust V Festival this weekend, which previously boasted Taake as one of the headliners before postponing their North American tour earlier this month.


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