Avatar get animated in new video for “Vultures Fly”

Posted by on January 27, 2015

If you’re still unfamiliar with Sweden’s breakout band Avatar, you can get the gist of them with these two words: They’re visual. No matter what the medium – live show or music video – part of the band’s shtick is to create some sort of visual spectacle, particularly in vocalist Johannes Eckerström’s court jester meets circus ringleader persona. While their latest album, 2014’s Hail The Apocalypse, showcased the group’s musical expansion from a unique melodic death metal inspiration into more gothic, clean-sung vocals, Avatar’s music videos have always been uniquely singular.

Axel Widén, the video for “Vultures Fly” features the band in vibrantly colored yet choppily animated propaganda-style, simulating the brainwashing of mundane, suburban life leading to nuclear war. Not a new concept, neither inside nor outside of the metal spectrum, but certainly one that fits the forte of such a band as Avatar.

“Vultures Fly” marks the third music video from Avatar’s Hail The Apocalypse album, their second American release on eOne. A press release from the label hints that they will returning to the on tour U.S. this spring supporting Five Finger Death Punch. View the video for yourself after the bump. It’s interesting to note that this is at least the second metal music video to feature at least one band member reimagined in animation in just this past week alone.


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