Musicians defend Rob Zombie after fan squabble

Posted by on August 16, 2019

Rob Zombie is currently on the next leg of the Twins of Evil evil tour with Marilyn Manson. During the group’s stop on Wednesday (14th) in London, Ontario, Canada, TMZ has shared footage of Rob Zombie grabbing “a woman by hair” and shoving her. However, looking back at this video, things aren’t exactly what TMZ headlined. While we have previously expressed it’s never OK to hit a woman, the clip shows the woman grabbed Rob Zombie’s shirt while the singer was walking down the aisle. This of course caught him off guard as he sprung into rage. Based on the video, it didn’t look like she was going to stop grabbing him anytime soon, which resulted in the singer shoving her away from him. However, his second push was a bit excessive when it came to pulling her hair. Regardless, fans shouldn’t grab an artist. In fact, both parties should always keep their hands to themselves. 

Watch the clip below:

Musicians such as Shinedown’s Zach Myers and All That Remains’ Phil Labonte have defended the singer via Twitter, stating:

In other Rob Zombie news, next month Universal Studio’s will kick off their Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, FL and this time it will feature a Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe Scare Zone. For more information go to this location. Rob Zombie will also soon be available as a Funko Pop. You can check out those details here.


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