Rob Zombie unveils pinball machine artwork

Posted by on October 14, 2015


Given Rob Zombie’s appreciation of all things low culture and ’70s, it’s no surprise that he’s got a pinball machine in the works. And while we’ve written about ‘Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International’ before, artwork has been revealed for some of the game. Alex Horley, who’s done artwork for Zombie for the last ten years, did the artwork for back glass of the table, which can be seen below. It’s got all the hallmarks of a Zombie production: Captain Spaulding, a robot, his wife, another zombie that’s not Rob, and some hellacious looking creatures.

The game, due out in January, will be limited to 300 copies, running from $5,995 to $6,495. They’ll feature 10 Zombie songs voicework from Rob and Sid Haig, and toys in the game being created by Back Alley Creations. So if you really like Rob Zombie and have space for a pinball machine, read more about it here.



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